We’re counting down to the 1 April changes to the way vehicle tax is calculated for cars and some motorhomes first registered with DVLA on or after this date.

We thought we’d take a closer look at how changes to the way vehicle tax is calculated will affect motorhomes, kit-built and multi-stage build cars.

Only vehicles categorised as M1, M1SP and M1G vehicles on the type approval certificate are affected, so when you register the vehicle you’ll need the:

  • CO2 emissions figure (shown on the type approval certificate)
  • list price (the published price before any discounts) or notional price – check with your dealer, if you’re purchasing a vehicle through them, so you know how much vehicle tax you’ll have to pay.

The new tax rules will only apply if the CO2 emissions figure is present

If no type approval or CO2 emissions figure is recorded on the type approval certificate the vehicle will be taxed in the PLG tax class. The current rates of tax can be found here


New vehicles with a list price of more than £40,000

As with cars, if your vehicle has a list price or notional price over £40,000, the rate of tax is based on CO2 emissions the first time the vehicle is taxed. The additional rate of tax will apply from the next time you tax the vehicle.

From the second time the vehicle is taxed, the standard rate of tax is £140 (£130 for alternative fuel vehicles) and an additional rate (where applicable) of £310, adding up to £450 (£440 for alternative fuel vehicles) a year for the next 5 years.

Check out new vehicle tax rates from 1 April 2017 for more information.

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